Flower      Hair      Makeup

My desire is to bloom my business with compassion and joy. Each of my work is a credit to God's creation. Without amazing blooms I wouldn’t be able to shine.

My art is love and my medium is flowers. Trinity Flowers is a link to my love for my devotion to floral
art designs.

From each centerpiece to every bridal bouquet, it was made with my heart. So may I gave you the best of me?

I am blessed to dance with a part of you that always continue to grow. Hair is a flow of your personality that may be expressed in anyway you like.

I honor to make you look as awesome as you are. Let me help you move with confidence and grace. From a fresh cut to brilliant highlights, I am your girl.

I don’t want to cover up your beauty, I just want to enhance it. Make up done right can empower your personality to standout.

We will make your 15 minutes of fame last. My team is ready to make you up :) Isn't it time to put your best face forward?